Halland Museum of Cultural History

Welcome to Varberg Fortress

The oldest parts of the fortress date from the 13th century and were built by count Jacob Nielsen. During thate 16th century and early 17th century the fortress was greatly expanded by the Danish king Christian IV as a defence against Sweden. Today there are several different activities on the fortress including café, restaurants, Bead & Breakfast and the regional museum and archives. The museums permanent exhibitions include Halland through the ages and the Bocksten Man and his unique and well preserved clothes from the 14th century. Here you will also find Kulknappen – the shot that is assumed to have killed the Swedish king Carl XII,

The museum also consists of Bexellska stugan (Bexell Cottage), Båtmuseet i Galtabäcks hamn (Galtabäck boat museum) and Fågelboet i Vessigebro (home of the author August Bondeson).

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Varberg as a historic health resort

Watch this film to learn more about the tradition and present day practices in Varberg – Sweden’s health spa town.

Behind closed doors – Varberg fortress as prison

From the Middle Ages onward, Varberg fortress were used for holding prisoners. In 1931 the remaining prisoners were transferred to the prison in Halmstad, and thereby the prison era at Varberg fortress was over. This short film gives an introduction to this period of time, and presents connected items from the museum’s collections.

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